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Renewable Heat Incentive - RHINorthern Ireland

Renewable Heat Incentive - RHI & Grants

Whereas the spectrum of the RHI is reasonably comprehensive the information following relates only to the technologies supplied and fitted by EcoTech Solar Solutions Limited.

The primary legislation under which the RHI tariffs were introduced is the Energy Act 2008.

The legislation applied in Great Britain, but not Northern Ireland, as energy policy is a devolved power and regulated from Stormont.

The Northern Ireland administration is legislating separately to introduce the schemes in Northern Ireland.

It is proposed that Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme Payments will be made to assist in the capital cost of installing eligible renewable heat technologies to commercial premises and domestic households.

As formal announcement has yet to be made in relation to exactly how the Renewable Heat Incentive will affect us. Details are on course to be released in Northern Ireland before the end of 2012, a breakdown of how it applies will appear here as soon as it is finalised.

The 110 page draft document is on the link at the bottom if you care to read it.

Solar Electricity Generation (PV). In Northern Ireland we have the Renewable Obligation Certificates ROC (as opposed to the Feed In Tariff scheme in the UK). This is a government scheme that guarantees payments in line with the size of the installation and also payments for all unused electricity "exported" to the network. These payments are guaranteed until 2037.
Using current figures and incentives for domestic PV installations the system can "payback" in around 10 years and you would enjoy further guaranteed payments and electricity savings for the full 20 years of the scheme. This would amount to over £20,000 of Tax Free income.
Apart from the sizeable financial benefits, a Solar PV installation will provide you with free electricity (around 40% of your usage) for more than 25 years. It will "future proof" against any increases in electricity costs, lessen your carbon footprint and could add significantly to the value of your property.

RHI Draft Document

Northern Ireland Solar Grants 2012administered by Power NI

Grant Applications for all Renewable Technologies for Domestic and Commercial Properties as from 25 June 2012.

The funding is limited and will be administered on a first come, first served basis by Power NI.

Domestic Solar photovoltaic (PV) Grant


pv grant now closed
Commercial Solar Water Heating Grant

• The grant levels range from £100 to £150 per square metre, dependant on the type of system installed.

power ni grant info

Enhanced Capital Allowances For business & individuals

Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) are a 100% tax relief to encourage investment in certain qualifying energy and water saving technologies. ECAs were introduced in 2001 as part of the Government's response to the Kyoto Protocol.

ECAs are available on new build expenditure, refurbishment work and even purchases; in all cases the plant must be new and unused.

Taxpayers who can benefit from ECAs include companies, individuals and partnerships in any of the categories listed below:

  • Constructing buildings to hold as investments
  • Constructing or renovating buildings for their own use
  • Fitting out leased property for their own use
  • Buying an unused building from a developer

Non-resident landlords can also claim ECAs.

ECAs are an important and expanding fiscal incentive that simply cannot be ignored when considering investment in commercial property.